VOLCAN is the first furniture collection by ADN Studio. This collection, designed by Paulo Peña and Paulina Hassey, seeks to go back to basics; it is a subtle and refined interpretation of the archetypical Modern furniture. 

This collection is completely rooted in the architecture, culture, history and aesthetic of Mexico City. Anyone who has lived in this city knows about the importance of volcanoes; these mythical and majestic guardians that every now and again show in the horizon, and that have inspired generations of artists, poets, creators of all types, and still do to the millions of women and men who inhabit this city.

VOLCAN takes the richness of shapes used by the great masters of Mexican Modernism, as well as that in the vernacular designs, and distills them into clean lines and pure geometric shapes that endow each piece with a unique identity and character. 

This collection stands for the unparallel luxury of simplicity. We acknowledge that the beauty of an object is also found in the way it is built; our designs expose open and honestly the way they are built, and each construction component is also an important aesthetic element. 

We use only noble materials. We emphasize their warmth, texture, richness and even their accidents. Thus, each piece is unique and special. 

We are completely based in Mexico City. All our processes happen in collaboration with small workshops and local artisans. 

ADN Studio is guided by the highest and most ambitious of aspirations: to create designs with character, identity and that will stand the test of time. VOLCAN is the embodiment of this aspiration.